Shatter the Stereotype of The Experience Your Client Expects to Have With You!

The Associate of Customer Experience will help you revamp your traditional belief systems in your business. It will encourage you stop looking in our rear view mirrors to see how things have been done in the past. Instead, you will learn to look through your windshield to see what is coming down the road ahead in the profession.  

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About Jeff Tobe

Over 20 years as a speaker, trainer, and business consultant has given Jeff the experience to apply best practices from leading companies to improve the customer experience across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re an accountant, an HR professional, a retailer, or a doctor, you share one marketing imperative: If you truly want to focus on your customer, you must see your business as your customer sees it. Jeff helps employees and employers put on their “customer glasses” to create meaningful change.

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Our micro-learning elements and modules are thoughtfully designed so you can anticipate a weekly commitment is 1-2 hours/week. 

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